KitchenLit 101 was born out of a love affair with food, mixed with an unfair addiction to organizing and order. Obsessive compulsivity isn’t always an ideal trait, unless you’re an organizer by trade. So here is where I hang my hat.

I have been organizing for friends and clients for over ten years, but it wasn’t until a Spring afternoon in 2017 that I discovered I could marry two things I love: food and organizing. After organizing a friend / clients kitchen and pantry, she inquired about one of the recipes I’d posted to my food blog. After trimming some arugula from her back garden and whipping up breadcrumbs from day old bread, I showed her how to make a simple Schnitzel, one her husband remembered fondly from his childhood.

After this awakening, I hung my hat organizing entire homes and honed in on my favorite room, the heart of the home, the kitchen.

My hubs and I live in Los Angeles with our two kids, Vesper and Flynn and our English Cream Retriever Roger.

Hit me up if you’re craving an easy and painless path to learning and loving your way around your own kitchen!