KitchenLit101 is a full-service Organizing, Declutter and Design business based in Los Angeles, CA. We believe a calm sense of self and home ‘starts with the heart’ in the kitchen. We begin our services where people gather, the kitchen, and move out from there.


Do you really need 75 pairs of jeans? More than likely no.

Kitchen Organization

This is where Steph finds her mojo, in the kitchen.


Marie Kondo is our guru, but everyone needs more that 30 books.

Garage Organization

Not everyone’s favorite, but throw on a dust mask and gloves, and get to work.


We take what you already have and use it all to the best of our design skills and knowledge

Cooking Tutorials

Grab a few friends, get Steph in your kitchen, settle in for a night chopping, dicing, cooking and fun.