KitchenLit101 is a niche, kitchen-centric Organizing, Declutter and Design business based in Los Angeles. A calm sense of self and home ‘start with the heart’ in the kitchen. My goal is to get you cooking!


Whether it’s ten sets of china or five dozen steak knives, I bet you have more in your kitchen that you need or use. So let’s edit!

Pantry / Butler Organization

The larder is more than just a storage room for your dry goods. It’s a tool to get you active in your kitchen again. Let’s get in there.


Have limitless Tupperware with mismatched lids, a few acrylic bins, mesh baskets, and a drawer separator? Let’s make it match.

Kitchen Organization

After we’ve edited your kitchen and used or purchased all necessary containers, it’s time to put it all back the right way.

Fridge Organization

We’ll pull everything out, eliminate the gross, purchase the new, stack and rack it all for ease and enjoyment every time you open the door.

Cooking Tutorials

Grab a few friends, get me in your kitchen, settle in for a night chopping, loud music, and fun.

Standard Rates