The “KitchenLit101” is my signature service where all of your and my dreams come true in two days. On our first day, we edit, organize, contain and redesign your fridge, pantry, butler and kitchen. We eliminate everything you don’t need and purchase what you’re missing. On day two, you invite over some friends; we chop, dice, simmer and serve a meal in your reimagined kitchen. I teach / we learn a few recipes while you enjoy your new favorite room in the house, with some dear friends, loud music, and a clean kitchen palate.


Let’s get rid of everything you don’t need and purchase anything you’re missing to get cooking in your reimagined kitchen.


Everything in your kitchen deserves a home and you deserve peace of mind when you open a cabinet.


Nothing makes my heart beat faster than sharing recipes and tricks in a client’s redesigned, newly functioning kitchen.