“Women need food, water and compliments. And the occasional pair of shoes.”

Chris Rock

Steph took on a massive project with me over the summer as my family and I were getting the house cleaned out and ready for guests to stay at our place while we were heading to live in a different country for a few months. As one can imagine my anxiety and stress levels were through the roof before leaving on this trip. I finally called Steph to come help me get things organized as I realized I couldn’t do it alone and she literally was a gift sent to me from the heavens above. She took control, she worked hard and she saved me from complete chaos. Even after we left, I trusted that any last details would be squared away and taken care of. The message below was just one of the many text messages I wrote to Steph as we wrapped things up.....

“I just can’t thank you enough. I could hear the exhaustion in your voice and to think that you willingly took on this massive endeavor with me is so dam emotional. It’s a very beautiful gift you have to be able to truly take responsibility as though it were your own, it truly brings such happiness to you and relief and happiness to me. I owe you everything.”

If you have even the smallest need to have someone come help and organize your life, I could not recommend Steph and her crew more.
— Addie Lane and Jeremy Sisto

Stephanie is not your typical “organizer” (trust me, I’ve used many since having things “in order” is not my strong suit). When I moved, I knew the one room I wanted to have updated, clutter free and straightened out was my kitchen. It’s my happy place, the heart of our home. Steph not only figured out where all my old stuff should go, but actually took me shopping to replace worn out utensils and sort out everything else I needed. She helped get all the basics and showed me where to spurge and where to save. Now when you open any drawer or cabinet or cupboard- it’s a vision inside. Glasses in a line, baskets labeled for the kids snacks, and a knife set that all my friends drool over. Steph’s beautiful and functional aesthetic along with her incredible work ethic make the process so enjoyable. And the best part? (Besides making your dream kitchen a reality) you get to spend time with an incredibly funny, bright and talented woman. Hours at the Container Store turn into the best afternoon ever as she helps you create your happy (organized) place.
— Samantha Lemole

Steph is a life-changer and life -saver!! She created such an accessible, simple and clean look to my clothes closets, after getting rid of items I wasn’t wearing or didn’t fit! It’s so much easier to see what I have and wear what I love!”
— Jennifer Russell

Steph is a life saver! I moved into a new house during a busy work month, and she set up my entire kitchen. Everything from standard appliances to niche accessories that I didn’t realize I needed (but did!). She gave multiple options for every purchase based on price and functionality, and the best part is she researches deals and gets member-discounts everywhere. She saved me so much time and money and made my whole move seamless.
— Gene Hong